How To Tackle Birth Injury Due To Physician Negligence

Birth injury due to physician negligence is very common in hospitals. The good news is that it can be compensated if the right procedures are followed.

It however depends on the level of cooperation between the mother and the medical practitioner. The doctor is held responsible for any damages caused to the baby whatsoever unless the possibility of such was communicated earlier.

When claiming compensation about the injuries caused to the baby, the mother should consider the long term consequences of the injuries. This is because in some cases the compensation is not just a token but a drop in the ocean as compared to the damages, if permanent, that may have been caused. Permanent disabilities will therefore unquestionably fetch higher compensation.

Let us take for instance a child that sustains severe injuries caused by severe paraplegic cerebral palsy. This child future has not only been affected physically but also mentally. When such a case is taken to court in Britain the law has provisions that ensure that the recompense is able to take care of a child unique needs.

If the doctor admits that some part of the parturition process had been interfered with, then the doctor or the hospital in question has to take full responsibility and compensate the family. This is also instance of malpractice and if they do not have a strong defense, they might even pay more fines in court.

Such a case can attract a court settlement of close to two million pounds or even more. Apart from the settlement, a structured system can be introduced to allow for systematic compensation, this can run for a lifetime or a better part of the child life.

From the example above, the best action to take in case of birth injury that may be caused by physician negligence is therefore to file a case in court. An out of court settlement can only be accepted if the injury is not too serious.