Common Types of Birth Injuries

 Cerebral Palsy

If your baby is diagnosed with cerebral palsy (CP), you may suspect that it was caused by a birth injury. But how do you know for certain?

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 Shoulder Dystocia

It is estimated that as many as eight out of every 1,000 babies suffer brachial plexus birth injuries.

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 Vacuum Extraction Delivery

When a baby is having a difficult time moving through the birth canal, obstetricians or other birthing professionals may use an instrument to help with the process.

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 Forceps Injuries

At the Franklin Law Group in Louisville, we help defend the rights of parents and the health of infants who were injured in forceps deliveries.

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When a physician, nurse, midwife, anesthesiologist, obstetrician or hospital fail to provide appropriate care during the labor and delivery, prenatal or postnatal period, with resulting catastrophic birth injury, mothers and fathers are immediately placed in a position they never dreamed of: How can I assure that my child will receive the medical attention necessary to help him or her reach their full potential? How can I make certain that after I die, there will be someone to take care of my child’s needs?

Contact Larry Franklin, an experienced civil trial lawyer. Larry understands the complexities of birth injuries. A medical mistake can mean multiple surgeries, a lifetime of attendant care, recurring medical conditions, limited expectations, and other issues.

It can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, sometimes millions of dollars, to deal with the life-time effects of a birth injury. A failure to diagnose a condition, the wrong response in a medical situation, or an instant’s lack of attention can result in injuries that last a lifetime.

With Larry Franklin, you will find a lawyer with extensive experience in birth injury cases. He gets to know the child and the child’s family so that your story can be told to the jury. Larry works with a network of medical and life-planning experts to determine the cause, extent, and prognosis of a birth injury. He works diligently and effectively for a fair settlement, while always being ready to take the case to trial.

If you suspect that you or a loved one is a victim of birth injury related medical negligence please call Larry Franklin for a FREE CONSULTATION at 1-502-637-6000 / 1-800-637-6033 (toll free) or email

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